My Vision

My goal is to provide a fun, safe place where women of all ages and abilities can come together to share in the joy of dancing. Dance has given me so much. Physically with improved health, mentally I have come to see my body as a beautiful and emotionally by having a wonderful way to release tension and stress. I can dance my emotions. I also strive to dispel the negative myths about belly dance, to help improve the lives of women in my community by providing a fun way to exercise and build friendships.

My Story

I began bellydance on a whim, it had been a bad day at work and when I got home the flyer from the Appleton YMCA had came in the mail. I was flipping thru it and belly dance popped out at me. Class was that night, I went and have never stopped since. Bellydance by Kahina has become a dream come true. I am able to do what I love while helping other women achieve their dreams.