UW belly dance show 2012


Kahina is a wonderful instructor who makes everyone in class feel comfortable and welcomed. She gives personal attention to each and every student to help them master the dance form. Her classes are alot of fun,  a great core body workout, and a good place to meet new friends.


The women’s group I am a part of invited Kelly to perform and teach the group the basics of belly dance.  A good time was had by all!  We all enjoyed learning about this form of dance as well as how to do some of the moves.

As such, I highly recommend Kelly aka "Kahina" as a performer and instructor. She is a "class act" who will give you her best. You will not be disappointed!


I didn't think I could ever be able to do belly dance but I found I could do it, enjoy it and toned myself up! Kelly is a great teacher, instructor and friend. 


She is the perpetual student, which I believe is the sign of a wonderful teacher.


Kahina is a professional belly dancer specializing in classic Middle Eastern style dance. Kahina has over 18 years of dance experience, including 250+ hours of study with dance masters from around the world, and weekly study with a local dance master. An avid history buff, Kahina also does academic study of the history & culture of the dance.  Kahina is a beautiful dance artist that understands both the technical side of the dance & the culture.

A well experienced performer, Kahina has danced for events from backyard picnics, fundraisers, & art fairs to performances with full bands on stage. Kahina is able to provide an exciting & beautiful dance performance tailored for you.

As an instructor of belly dance, Kahina leads fun, active classes that build on a solid foundation of belly dance principles. From beginner lessons to advanced & private lessons, Kahina shares her knowledge of and passion for dance.  Kahina has done educational talks on belly dance & continues to teach & share this wonderful art form.

When I'm Not Dancing ...

I am a person of wide and varied interests and abilities. I love history, archaeology, and documentaries on food, nature, and cultures across the world.  I watch as many Egyptian movies as I can get my hands on (much to the annoyance of my spouse). I love to get my hands and feet dirty out working in the gardens, cultivating many plants. To me, there is nothing quite as good as the feel of the earth under your toes. However, much joy this brings me, it has also led to some interesting challenges when preparing for performances. There have been many times that I was left soaking and scrubbing my earth trodden toes to get them clean for a show.

My husband and I have a small piece of land with old farm buildings on it. We worked together to remodel the home on our property, my favorite part of which was slamming down walls with a sledge hammer. Recently, we have completed building a small dance studio in the corner of the granary. This was built on top of the greenhouse that we put in the lower corner of the building. I am now offering small classes & private lessons in my studio in Clintonville. Come & see my skip trowel job I put on the walls and ceiling.

I have a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  My love for the environment is undeniable, and according to my  neighbor, I’m an official tree hugger complete with certification. I do indeed love being outdoors and  in the summer spend most of my time in the gardens or taking care of the prairie planting. I am a Wisconsin Master Naturalist and I volunteer at Mosquito Hill with school groups. The students I work with are always quite amusing and keep me on my toes.

My mother was a bridal seamstress and I started sewing my own costumes, with her guidance, at the beginning of my dance career. I still sew most of my own costumes. I enjoy design, the search for the perfect material and embellishments, and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when my project is complete. In addition, I appreciate that my outfits are then truly one of a kind and no alterations are needed. I feel better knowing that my costume was not produced by children and women working for minimal wages under horrible conditions in developing countries.

We have five kitties that live with us; two reside in the “barn,” which is really my husband's shop and the others are in the house. The oldest, Diva, is 18 as far as we can tell & the babies Festus & Miss Kitty are 6. They are all strays that have been taken off the streets and given a good, loving home.