I specialize in Middle Eastern dance, offering a variety of classes for all skill levels. I offer classes to fit any skill and interest level from beginner to advanced. Belly dance classes are currently offered in Appleton, and Waupaca. 

Professional Performance

I provide professional entertainment for all occasions such as bridal showers, retirement parties, birthday parties, and more. I am also available for fundraisers, festivals, and educational talks.

If you are looking for a belly dancer in the Appleton, Oshkosh, Shawano, Green Bay,  Waupaca or neighboring communities, please contact me so we can design the perfect show for your event. 

Private classes and tutoring

If you are looking for a private class for your friends, I am available to do small group lessons. I will also do private tutoring for anyone that needs some help with their dance skills. 

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Performance & Bellygrams


Beginners Class

In the beginners class, we focus on proper foundations for belly dance. We then build on easy combinations and short choreography. This class is suggested for anyone interested in learning the basics or getting back to basics, fixing any foundation problems from years of growing complacent in dance technique. The moves will be repeated many times to ensure that they get into muscle  and mental memory.

Some of the foundations include proper foot, knee, and hip alignment, proper formation of hip movements and weight transfers, and an understanding of the basic drum rhythms.

I recommend spending 1-2 hours outside of class practicing the new moves learned each week. Listening to the selected music for our choreography, as well as other middle eastern music, will also help you get a feel for the timing, and moves that you are learning.

Advanced Class

The advanced class builds on the foundations learned in beginner class. We will add in more complex moves, layers, zils, veil, cane or other balancing props. The choreography becomes more involved. We enlarge our drum rhythm repertoire. We also work to understand the emotions behind the dance and music.

I recommend spending 2-4 hours outside of class practicing each week.

Mixed Class

In a mixed class, we have a technique section where the basics are covered for the beginners. At the same time, advanced students are encouraged to perfect their movement technique and correct any consistence technical errors. All moves will be introduced at the beginner level, and advanced students will simultaneously be provided with additional movements to appropriately challenge them. Zils are also encouraged to give the advanced student a challenge. Combos and choreography will be taught with options for beginners and advanced students.

Belly Fit

Belly Fit is a fast paced class where the object is exercise, not dance. Belly dance moves are used in a fun and fast paced way to help tone muscles and build endurance. The interval training method is frequently used toward these skills. For example, students might be challenged to three minutes of rapid shimmies across the floor followed by one minute of slow intense rib circles. The shimmies get our heart rate up and burns calories, while the rib circles work on toning the muscles along the rib cage. An appropriate warm up and cool down are part of the class, so the tough part is only 40 minutes.


Private Classes & Tutoring

Private Class

Do you have a small group of friends that would like to do a belly dance class together? I offer lessons for small groups,  beginning with a brief three week session to learn a dance for a special occasion performance, to a full eight week session if your group is unable to make the regularly scheduled public course offerings.


From the beginner to the advanced, everyone at some time needs a little extra instruction. This could be better understanding of proper technique for mayas or shimmies to just basic instruction one on one. I am also available for the advanced dancer who may be preparing for a performance and needs to ensure that everything is polished and picture perfect. I am able to help make you more comfortable with your dance from start to finish.